Using Data Systems with Updated PAT Records

Parents as Teachers affiliates are required to use all of the Parents as Teachers Records found in Data in Motion, by July 2019. Many of you have been asking about the new PAT Records requirement and your use of Visit Tracker.

This communication came out from Visit Tracker around the new requirement:

“Visit Tracker Web and Parents as Teachers have finalized a licensing agreement which allows our Users to build PAT Records in Visit Tracker.

This license will ensure that you can use Visit Tracker as your chosen database to demonstrate how your program follows the essential requirements of the PAT model and the Quality Assurance process.

As changes are made to Essential Requirements and model fidelity standards, Visit Tracker will work with Parents as Teachers National to ensure that we understand what those changes are and incorporate them into Visit Tracker Web.”

A reminder from PAT National, affiliates that utilize Penelope, the Parents as Teachers data system, already fully incorporates all of the PAT Records into its service delivery and record keeping system. Any affiliate using Penelope for service delivery and documentation currently meets the requirement for full use of the PAT Records.

Success Plans

Affiliates that did not meet all of the Essential Requirements will need to write a Success Plan to address areas not meeting model fidelity. Affiliates that fell into a Provisional Status based on their most recent 2016–17 APR should have received an email from PAT National regarding their status and need to submit a plan. Success Plans were due back to PAT National within 30 days of the date of notification. Please feel free to reach out to your Ounce PAT technical assistance specialist for support around writing your success plan and a copy of the Success Plan worksheet.

ISBE Prevention Initiative RFP and Monitoring

Please continue to check the ISBE website, to access the latest information regarding the Prevention Initiative Early Childhood Block Grant Request for Proposals (RFP) and resources for programs going through ISBE monitoring through the link for Accountability: Monitoring and Continuous Quality Improvement.

Updating Program Information

Remember to update your affiliate program Information and create a profile for new staff in the Parents as Teachers (PAT) National portal as soon they are hired. Creating a profile is the first step to register new parent educators for PAT trainings and set them up to receive email from Parents as Teachers (PAT) National. Please keep your portal account up-to-date by logging into the portal, then go to My Profile > View/Edit Profile. Affiliate administrators can log in and go to My Tools > Affiliate Administrator > Affiliate Info to update affiliate contact information and remove staff no longer employed with their program.

Ounce Institute

Please remind all new staff to register on the Ounce Institute’s professional development website. Once enrollment is confirmed and approved, staff will receive an email containing account login information. They will then be able to register online for Ounce Institute professional development sessions.

Affiliate Updates

Please continue to check the Affiliate Updates featured under the Quick Links on the Parents as Teachers Home Page.  Here you will find the most current updates for affiliate programs.