Family Support Worker

Submitted by One Hope United

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Enrollment and recruitment

  • Recruits and enrolls families into the Parents As Teachers Home Visiting Program
  • Organizes and maintains complete, accurate, and up-to-date records of pregnant mothers and infant, including data entry into various databases such as agency, funder, and state
  • Maintains enrollment throughout the program year through various recruitment strategies; ensures vacancies are filled immediately

Family Relations

  • Provides services in the family’s home by identifying the strengths and needs
  • Provides evidence-based, accurate information to families on a variety of topics including but not limited to safety, child development, and the importance of medical and dental care
  • Assists the family in strengthening the parent-child relationship
  • Assists parents in improving the family’s support system as well as their skills so as to optimize a positive home environment
  • Increases the family’s ability to problem solve and advocate for themselves and their children
  • Works cooperatively with families to establish goals and develops a plan for accomplishing these goals • Organizes and maintains complete, accurate, and up-to-date records for children and families
  • Provides crisis intervention services based upon need
  • Assists families in locating programs to meet basic needs which may include employment, housing, day care, and other state and local program assistance
  • Acts as a liaison with multiple public and private agencies to advocate and assist with service needs of families (liaison with and or promotes the interests of clients with other community service providers, professionals, and school personnel as required)
  • Writes accurate reports on a timely basis; maintains related records and statistics and provides reports to the supervisor as per program plan
  • Ensures all information is entered accurately into data specified database programs
  • Gathers information relevant to the client’s strengths and needs by interviewing and using a variety of inventories, checklists, and questionnaires
  • Assesses all information gathered to identify client issues and risks
  • Develops and implements an intervention plan with the client, within program guidelines
  • Provides parenting skill-building to clients on issues such as parent-child interaction, child development, discipline, and guidance and behavior management
  • Provides emotional support and feedback to clients
  • Completes all required  Trainings, including Parent Survey, Community Based Family Administered Neonatal Activities, and other training at required intervals for year one and year two of employment
  • Understands the program’s outcome goals and works diligently with the families to pursue positive outcome goals while participating in services.
  • Familiarizes and complies with all policies and procedure of the agency, funders, and accreditation bodies
  • Follows established guidelines for use and/or disclosure of protected health information; reports any breaches of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) rules to their supervisor immediately

Professional Leadership and Community Outreach

  • Participates in Early Intervention or Preschool IFSP/IEP meetings for children as needed to help parents advocate for their child(ren)
  • Collaborates with program supervisor and/or agency staff to review and maintain COA and/or HFA Accreditation; develops and maintains Community Partnership Agreements (MOU)
  • Remains aware of resources within the community to support the needs of families and makes appropriate referrals
  • Provides program, classroom, and center staffing