Home Visitor

Submitted by Abilities Plus

DEFINITION: Grant funded position that facilitates services to infants and toddlers birth to age three (and their families) that meet program criteria. Provide direct services in centerbase and home sessions as determined by the Family Service Plan.


A. Agency Mission and Values
1. Demonstrate an understanding of the agency and program mission statements through
performance of job duties.
2. Conduct oneself in a professional and ethical manner regarding all policies and
procedures of Abilities Plus.

B. Program Development
1. Assist in developmental assessments of infants and toddlers (up to age 3) who
qualify for services.

2. Assist in conducting public awareness programs to disseminate information
concerning program services.

C. Client Development
1. Administer initial developmental evaluations and re-assessments at 6-month
intervals to fulfill program criteria.

2. Assist in the implementation of individual programs for each infant or toddler
which includes functional outcomes and measurable goals.

3. Consult with program coordinator and other service providers involved with a
specific child to enhance the child’s development and increase potential for future
academic success.

4. Participate as a member of the interdisciplinary team in the development of
the Family Service Plan, semi-annual reviews and transition into preschool.

5. Maintain current case records to include collection of data related to specific
goals, objectives and progress notes.

6. Complete all internal and external reports required to include results of re-
assessments, home visits and reporting of direct service hours.

7. Provide instruction and parent education on an individual basis or in a group
setting as indicated by the Family Service Plan to promote development of
positive family interactions.

8. Assist in the creation of a safety culture by working in a safe manner; reports unsafe
situations and accidents; follows safety procedures; requests and uses safety equipment
and safety techniques; and participates in safety training.

9. Attend training sessions as required for maintaining standards of the program
and/or agency purposes.

10. Complete home visits as dictated by child and family needs and schedules,
including occasional evenings or weekend appointments.

11. Perform those additional duties as required by the supervisor which are
necessary to insure the continued efficient and effective operation of the program
as well as that of the agency in general.

The following physical factors are used to describe the percent of time performing the physical factors listed below: 1-33% occasionally; 34% to 66% frequently; 66% to 100% continuously.
– Ability to lift children up to a weight of 50 pounds continuously.
– Ability to bend or stoop frequently.
– Ability to jump occasionally.
– Ability to kneel or sit on the floor continuously.
– Ability to reach continuously.
– Ability to run occasionally.

Additional requirements include:
A) Ability to effectively communicate in English with clients, client families, and staff and               any outside visitors continuously.
B) Specific vision abilities include close vision, distance vision, peripheral vision, and depth
perception and ability to adjust focus continuously.
C) Ability to function in a work environment with moderate noise level continuously.
D) Ability to handle a situation where blood or other body fluids, fumes or airborne                          participles and toxic or caustic chemicals may be present occasionally.

– Bachelor’s degree required (human services or early education preferred).
– Prefer work experience to include parent-infant education, preschool, infant-toddler                 program, etc.
– Knowledge of typical and atypical child development.
– Ability to work with children and their families of varying socio-economic and cultural               backgrounds at the agency and in the family homes continuously.
– Ability to communicate both orally and in writing with families, team members and
other professionals continuously.
– Ability to work as a team member continuously.
– Ability to drive and maintain valid driver’s license and have regular access to a
properly insured vehicle continuously.
– Ability to frequently travel to home visits and training sessions on an as needed basis,
including occasional nights or weekend appointments.