CDC’s Learn the Signs. Act Early. Easy to Use, Child Development Educational Materials for Parents

The CDC Learn the Signs, Act Early (LTSAE) campaign offers free materials for parents that promote well child visits and provide information to parents on expected development, the importance of monitoring their child’s development, and discussing concerns with their child’s pediatrician.

The Milestone Tracker App is available at the Google Play and Apple App store for free and is available in Spanish and English. Parents can enter their child’s date of birth (with available adjusted age for preemies) and the Milestone Tracker App will send parents prompts to complete the milestone checklists. 

Free flyers to share with your patients from the LTSAE Website are available: ( 

On the LTSAE website, you will also find printable Milestones Matter Checklists in twelve languages. The LTSAE developmental milestone checklists have been updated into clear, specific, and streamlined lists that can be printed.  On the website you will also find links to the Milestones Matter Booklet of all the checklists from ages 0 to 5 years, tip sheets for parents and providers, and a link to order other books and educational materials for your patients to support family developmental monitoring. 
The milestone checklists also include:

  • Open-ended questions to address concerns that milestones alone may not capture,
  • Reminders for developmental screening,
  • Information about how to connect with early intervention, and
  • Tips to help caregivers promote child development.

The LTSAE parent education materials use the updated developmental milestones from the CDC designed to accurately identify developmental delays sooner and respond with immediate referral for concern follow up. CDC’s Developmental Milestones | CDC

For more information, contact the Illinois Learn the Signs. Act Early. Ambassadors Cari Roestel ( and Jean Davis (