For Supervisors

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PAT Affiliate Supervisors oversee all elements of a program affiliate, and as the Illinois State office Start Early (formerly known as the Ounce) provides resources to support supervisors in their implementation of the model.

Resources that Start Early provides PAT affiliates include:

  • Support around onboarding new parent educators
  • Information about the PAT Supervisors Learning Communities for Illinois PAT affiliate supervisors
  • Additional resources for supervisors to make the most of affiliate home visits

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Frequently Asked Questions For Supervisors

Find out the answers to some of the questions frequently asked by supervisors by clicking the drop down menu for each question below.

If the question you’re looking for isn’t listed here please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact the Parents as Teachers Illinois State Office.

We have made changes to our Affiliate. Who should I inform?

Update your existing affiliate program plan and send to your assigned Technical Assistance and Training Specialist.

Who is my assigned technical assistance specialist?

Email to find out who is your affiliate’s technical assistance specialist.

When is the Affiliate Performance Report (APR) due?

The APR is due by August 15th and then your affiliate must renew your affiliate status by September 30th each year. Don’t forget to have your parent educators renew their subscriptions as well.

I’m a new supervisor. What resources should I use to support me in my new role?

In O.L.I.V.E.R., access the Model Implementation Workspace. Here you will find the Supervisors Handbook, PAT Records and Reflective Supervision resources:

LIBRARY will be the place to locate the Affiliation Implementation Manual which is a offers comprehensive guidance for implementing the PAT model with fidelity and aligned with best practices. You will also find the Data in Motion manual which will provide guidance to data collection and documentation as it relates to PAT services.

SUPERVISOR HANDBOOK within the Handbook you will find all the most frequently used tools to support program administration. Personal Visit Observations and Group Observations Tools can be found here.  It is here that you will also find the Family File Review Tool and a Sample Policy and Procedure Manual.  Looking for ways to enhance learning during team meetings? Check out the Staff Activity Pages and Foundational and Model Refresher Staff Activity Pages under this tab.  You will also gain access to the Reflective Supervision Toolkit through this tab.  This resource is over 100 pages of guidance and resources to support your delivery and design of meaningful reflective supervision sessions.