PIP-Squeaks Go to Shiloh Prairie

Partnership in Parenting took a field trip to the Shiloh Prairie for their October group connection. They had a beautiful day with bright blue skies to explore the many plants and bugs. The children had paper bags and duct tape bracelets to collect the treasures they found along the paths. They also used magnifying glasses to explore details up close.

Our tour guide, Mrs. Saddoris, encouraged everyone to use all their senses to learn about the prairie. Along the way, they smelled mint, felt square stems and fuzzy seeds, watched ladybugs and grasshoppers, and listened to the wind in the trees. They also discovered the recent presence of a coyote, but there was no sniffing the partly digested apples in the “scat”. The PIP-Squeaks enjoyed repeating the new word they learned, though!

After the tour, Miss Julie offered beautiful gourds from the patch, and each child chose a fall book and a pumpkin to take home. Before leaving, the families gave a big shoutout to Mrs. Saddoris for making this fabulous annual opportunity available to them!